Her Older Sister Booked A Wedding Venue For September 2024, Even Though She Planned To Tie The Knot That Month, So She Moved Her Wedding Up To June Instead To Take Advantage Of The Nice Weather, And Now Her Sister’s Furious That She’s Getting Married First

cmirnovalexander - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old woman has an older 30-year-old sister who got engaged earlier this year. Then she also got engaged about three months afterward.

So, the plan was for her sister to tie the knot first in May 2024; meanwhile, she would have her wedding in September 2024.

However, her sister was extremely indecisive when it came to selecting a date and venue. In fact, it has taken her sister a whopping 10 months to figure out these key details.

“And I was told I cannot even book mine without my sister booking it first,” she revealed.

That’s why, in an effort to be a good sister, she tried to wait as long as she could to plan her own big day.

But her sister constantly going back and forth about dates and venues has been seriously stressing her out.

Not to mention, she plans to move cities to start her life with her fiancé following her nuptials. So, she needs to figure out when to put in notice at her work and start searching for a new position.

Well, her sister eventually decided to finalize a date, but it wasn’t in the month she expected. Instead, her sister put a deposit down on a date in September– when she planned to get married. Her sister knew that she wanted to tie the knot in September, too.

“So I’ve talked to my fiancé about this, and he said we can get married in May or June, as we wanted nice weather, and anything past September will just be cold,” she explained.

cmirnovalexander – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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