Her Sister Got A Pet Cat For Her Nieces And Nephews But Claimed It Was Feral And Wanted To Give It Away, So She Took In The Feline, Trained It, And Now Her Sister Is Demanding That She Give The Cat Back

oatawa - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Last Christmas, this woman’s sister decided to get a cat to gift to her nieces and nephews. However, her sister wound up believing that the feline was “feral” since the cat would reportedly hiss and scare the kids.

That’s why her sister eventually wanted to give away the pet, and she offered to take him in. Her sister agreed to that, too.

But upon getting the male cat, she realized that he wasn’t feral. He was just scared.

“He thrived in my home. He is extremely spoiled and now legally belongs to me. I paid for his vaccinations, his chip, and his sterilization. He even put on some weight,” she explained.

Just last week, her niece and nephews also went over to her house and got to see the cat again. And since being in her care, the pet looked entirely different.

The kids got to see a chill cat who really enjoyed getting petted as opposed to a scared feline.

So, after her nieces and nephews left that day, her sister sent her a shocking text actually asking for the cat back!

“The kids were very happy to see the cat again, but now they are crying because they miss him. Please give him back to us. He is ours,” her sister wrote.

Now, she was taken aback by her sister’s request and pointed out how, as far as both she and the cat were concerned, he was now her pet and didn’t belong to her sister’s family.

oatawa – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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