Her Sister-In-Law Didn’t Follow Her Wedding Color Scheme And Wound Up Looking Very Washed Out In The Photos, But She Refused To Have Her Sister-In-Law’s Outfit Photoshopped To Better Match Everyone Else And Got Accused Of “Publicly Shaming” Her Sister-In-Law

“She had the nerve to comment on my post,” she said.

“It was very passive-aggressive, [like] something along the lines of washing her out to make myself stand out more. I replied by saying that she washed herself out by ignoring the wedding theme. She deleted her comment.”

When she later ran into her sister-in-law at her in-laws house, she was confronted again. When she tried explaining to her sister-in-law that they specifically told everyone to wear jewel-tone colors, and she didn’t look good in the photos because she wore different colors, it didn’t go well.

Eventually, she snapped and told her sister-in-law she didn’t look good in the photos because she was a “jealous little woman who thought she could upstage me with a $30 dress the color of diluted [Pepto Bismol].”

Her sister-in-law left the room crying, and her mother-in-law accused her of “publicly shaming” her daughter and making fun of her looks.

Should she apologize to her sister-in-law to avoid further drama, or was her sister-in-law being petty?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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