Her Son’s Doctor Blamed Her Son’s Behavior And Ailments On Her Parenting, So She’s Not Giving This Doctor A Second Chance

tutye - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this woman’s son was four years old, he struggled with some intense issues related to his behavior.

Her son’s doctor was in the process of arranging for her son to be evaluated, but this doctor retired before they could do the evaluation, so her son was then going to be seen by a new doctor at this practice.

“The new doctor was fresh out of college and was so dismissive. She met with my son once, went over his charts, and point-blank told me my son was acting like this because of me. She spent the entire 30-minute appointment telling me how to parent my kid and what I was doing wrong,” she said.

This doctor told her that her parenting was inconsistent and undisciplined and that her son didn’t behave because she didn’t stand up to him and show him that he needed to respect her.

Not only were the doctor’s comments rude, but so were her tone and body language.

Each time that she tried to express an issue with her son’s behavior, the doctor smirked at her or rolled her eyes.

“She said, ‘Yeah, he does that because you’re young and don’t know what you’re doing. Children aren’t playthings. This is what happens when babies have babies (I was 24),” she explained.

Shockingly, her son was this doctor’s first patient since getting out of college and completing her job shadowing.

Later on in the appointment, she mentioned her concern related to her son’s breathing.

tutye – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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