Her Two Nieces Stole $200 From Her Daughter’s Bedroom During Her Daughter’s Birthday Party, So She Banned Her Nieces From Her Home For Three Years

Upon seeing them, she asked again what had happened to the money. That sister-in-law spoke to their daughter, too, and the girl started crying.

“My niece confessed and said it was the other cousin’s idea. They did it because they think we are rich and my daughter wouldn’t miss it,” she revealed.

Now, after finding out the truth, she was furious and demanded that her nieces– well, their parents– pay her daughter back.

But her sister-in-law really didn’t think it was a big deal and claimed it was only $200.

“And proceeded to say I make that in less than a day,” she added.

Obviously, though, that wasn’t the point. So, she wound up banning her nieces from her house for a whopping three years!

Once her husband found out about this, he was not happy either. In fact, he just accused her of being petty.

But, she told her husband that she sometimes leaves money on their counters or leaves her jewelry lying around.

“And I don’t want to worry if they come over and wonder if they are going to steal something again,” she reasoned.

Regardless, with her husband now angry with her, she’s been left wondering if banning her nieces from her home was the wrong way to deal with the situation.

Do you think her nieces had a right to steal from her daughter even if she and her husband were wealthy? Do you believe that banning her nieces for three years was justified or overboard? How would you have reacted?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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