Here’s How To Create Your Very Own Quick And Easy Burrito Bowl At Home That’s Both Delicious And Budget-Friendly

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If you love the burrito bowls from Chipotle but can’t justify the prices, try replicating one right at home! Depending on the toppings you choose, the costs can add up quickly at a restaurant.

TikToker Carissa Jones (@_carissajones) is demonstrating how to make a super quick and simple burrito bowl that is far more budget-friendly and satisfying.

A burrito bowl lets you get a little bit of everything in one mouthful, unlike an actual burrito, which requires you to be somehow able to unhinge your jaw in order to take one full bite.

It’s also the ideal meal for dinner on Sunday night. A burrito bowl lets you take it easy and relax the night before a long week ahead.

And, dare I say? Carissa’s recipe is even better than the restaurant chain’s version. Sure, Chipotle has a lot of options for their burrito bowls, but with homemade ones, you can have way more.

Making your own burrito bowl offers increased customization, ensuring that you’ll end up with just the right amount of all the toppings you desire.

You can prepare the ingredients from scratch or use mostly premade foods to cut down on cooking time, as Carissa did.

First, chop up a skirt steak into small bite-sized pieces. Next, pour two cups of instant white rice into a bowl, add a spoonful of butter, mix it in, and cook the rice right in the microwave.

Then, cook the meat in a pan. While it’s cooking, sprinkle a packet of taco seasoning on top of it. When the meat is done, transfer it to a bowl or plate.

alex9500 – – illustrative purposes only

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