Here’s How To Perfect The Art Of Charming A Man Using Just A Few Simple Tips And Body Language Tricks

Photo 97981110 © Nejron - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

I have to say, whenever I’m described as “charming,” I get all warm and fuzzy inside. 

There really is an art form to charming someone, especially if you’re a woman trying to charm a man. While that may sound cheesy, approaching a guy with a charming attitude and vibe will level up your flirting game and overall social interactions. 

If you’re not usually described as the ‘charming’ type but wouldn’t mind carrying around that title, here are a few tips for charming a man on your next date or night out!


There is nothing that says “zero charm,” like not smiling while conversing with someone. If you’re really vibing with this guy or want to impress him, show it in your smile! Smiling is one of the best ways to put someone at ease and show some charm.

Use eye contact

Charming people are usually always very invested in their social interactions, and one of the strongest ways to show investment is to use eye contact. Friendly eye contact during a conversation radiates confidence, friendliness, intimacy, and, of course, charm.

Remember and use their first name

If you’re trying to charm a guy you’re meeting for the first time out of the blue, remember his name! We’ve all been in situations where we’ve met someone in a crowded or busy space like a bar or party and forgotten their name due to the night’s chaos.

Photo 97981110 © Nejron – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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