He’s A Psychiatrist Advising Parents To Stop Doing So Much For Their Kids Because “Rescuing” Them From Mistakes Will Not Make Them More Responsible Or Independent

“If they were to miss the bus and they needed me to give them a ride, it would cost them some money. They need to do chores to earn that, and that would only happen once,” said Wadsworth.

He believes that protecting your kids from experiencing natural consequences will only result in having a teenager who “doesn’t know how to wake up to their own alarm” and, eventually, an adult who can’t hold down a job because they’re always late.

At the end of the video, he stated that kids are more capable than adults give them credit for. It’s just that many kids think that tasks such as getting to the bus on time and making breakfast are their parents’ responsibilities, not their own. Once they realize it’s up to themselves, you won’t have to worry about taking on their duties anymore.

His parenting tip has caused quite a stir among people in the comments section. Some felt his methods were too extreme, while others agreed with his strategy.

“Absolutely NOT! That is why they become full of apathy, angry with the world, and unhappy. They are kids, and they deserve to be one,” commented one TikTok user.

“I grew up with a mom that did this. I grew up too fast and don’t even have memories of a childhood. I have nothing but horrible memories of her,” wrote another.

“Absolutely, bro! This is how I raise my daughter as a single dad, and it works great. I’ve never yelled at her to get her to do anything her whole life,” declared a third.

“Kudos. Mom of four here. They have been responsible to get themselves up and ready doing laundry and chores since they were very little,” chimed in someone else.


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