He’s Not Attending Thanksgiving At His Sister’s House Since She Invites More And More People Every Year, And It’s Too Much - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This 41-year-old man has two sisters named Isa, 45, and Gina, 39. As children, he and his sisters weren’t close with any of their extended family.

Even though they had a large family who all lived pretty close to each other, none of them got along very well.

“Neither of my parents talked to their siblings, and my mom really only talked to a few of her aunts/uncles and cousins. We’d spend Christmas Eve at my mom’s cousin’s house, but that ended sometime when I was 11/12,” he said.

Since they didn’t have the chance to celebrate holidays with a lot of family around them, his older sister, Isa, dreamed of huge family get-togethers and having a big family in her future.

He, on the other hand, had the exact opposite wishes for his life when he grew up.

Now, he has three children, and his ideal way to spend the holidays would be a family gathering with his family, Gina’s family, Isa’s family, and their parents. For many years, he envisioned this as how holidays would look.

When Isa was 27-years-old, she got married, and now she has four children. She’s also taking care of two of her husband’s nieces and nephews. Since Isa got married, she has been hosting Thanksgiving dinner at her house.

“Every year since then, it’s gotten BIGGER and BIGGER. Everyone is invited. Cousins, in-laws, family friends, her children’s friends. She cooks a HUGE MEAL, and the house is always packed. To her, she’s achieved the dream, but it’s honestly such a big gathering I don’t feel like even going anymore,” he explained.

This year, his wife’s parents invited him and his family to come to their house for Thanksgiving dinner. His wife has only one sister, and her sister is childless. – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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