He’s Not Attending Thanksgiving At His Sister’s House Since She Invites More And More People Every Year, And It’s Too Much

Before they got married, he and his wife used to go to her parent’s house for Thanksgiving, but since it’s been so long, he thought it could be a nice change of pace.

He acknowledged he wouldn’t have any issues with a quieter and more relaxed Thanksgiving this time around.

Each year, Isa offers space for guests to stay, so his children most often share a room with Isa’s children.

“They enjoy seeing their cousins, but I’m sure Isa’s kids wouldn’t mind getting to keep their rooms for once. I called Isa and told her we’d be going to my in-laws’ house, and she opposed the idea immediately. She said she’d be more than happy to make extra food and provide room for them if needed,” he shared.

In response, he assured Isa that he wouldn’t want to ask his in-laws to travel that far, and then Isa told him that her husband could go pick up his in-laws instead.

His in-laws know Isa’s husband, so it wouldn’t be as if someone they didn’t know was going to pick them up for Thanksgiving dinner.

Isa didn’t drop the subject and accept that he had other plans, so he eventually admitted that he didn’t want to go to her house for dinner and that he would rather get together with his in-laws for the day.

She was hurt by this and called him a jerk. Not long after, she hung up the phone on him. Later, Isa called him to say sorry for calling him a jerk.

She expressed that this opened her eyes to the fact that not everyone enjoyed spending the holiday with that many people, and she acknowledged that that could be overwhelming for some people.

The conversation ended when she said she hoped he had a wonderful Thanksgiving with his in-laws.

Do you think it was the right decision for him to go to his in-laws’ house for Thanksgiving?

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