He’s Upset That His Fiancée Didn’t Invite His Mom To Go Wedding Dress Shopping, But His Fiancée Doesn’t See The Big Deal About Her Being Excluded

In his view, his mother should be included in his fiancée’s dress shopping, as well as in other aspects of wedding planning.

Right now, his mother is sad that she isn’t invited to the dress appointment and that she’s only going to be a guest at the wedding and won’t receive a special role in the ceremony.

When he asked his brother to weigh in, his brother told him that he didn’t think he had a right to be upset, but he pointed out that his brother’s experience was different because his brother and his now-husband had a quick wedding and didn’t have to worry about planning or how much of a role they wanted his mother to play.

“My fiancée and I don’t want children. My brother has a daughter, and my mom suggested that my niece be the flower girl. I thought this was a good idea, but my brother said it was not up to our mom, and if we didn’t make his daughter a flower girl, it wouldn’t bother him and his husband and not bring up his daughter being a flower girl to my fiancée,” he shared.

So far, he hasn’t mentioned the idea to his fiancée of his niece being the flower girl. However, she’s expressed that he should listen to what his brother advised him about respecting her wishes in not inviting his mother to her wedding dress appointment.

Every time he mentions that his mother feels sad that she’s not being included, his fiancée gets annoyed. She’s also told him that she doesn’t want his mother to do any wedding planning.

Unfortunately, this situation has now been causing conflict between him and his fiancée.

What advice would you give him?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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