His Baby Mama Convinced Him To Sign Away The House He Owned Despite His Current Girlfriend’s Warnings

Matt - - illustrative purposes only

Have you ever had someone try and get you to sign any documents or papers in hopes of tricking you into giving away or buying something? 

One man’s baby mama recently convinced him to sign away the house he owned despite his current girlfriend’s warnings.

He shares a son with his ex, whom he refers to as his ‘baby mama.’ She’s been living in a home with their son, whom she takes care of on weekdays. The home’s mortgage was in her name, while his name was on the house’s deed.

However, things have changed after she lost her job three months ago.

After becoming unemployed, his baby mama had him sign a piece of paper that stated he no longer lived at her address so she could get assistance. 

“My girlfriend, who works in child support, says that she’s trying to put me on child support,” he said.

“[My baby mama] had always said she’d never do that, but then my girlfriend showed me the statues, and I ran this by [my baby mama]. She said she withdrew the application when she found out.”

Then, a few weeks later, his baby mama asked him to take his name off the deed so she could get mortgage assistance. His girlfriend was wary of that idea and warned him against doing it, as something seemed off. 

However, he ignored his girlfriend’s advice and signed all the documents anyway. 

Matt – – illustrative purposes only

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