His Dad Has Been Trying To Force Him To Forge A Closer Relationship With His Half-Siblings, Who Were Born From His Dad’s Affair, So He Finally Lost It, Claimed He Wouldn’t Care If He Never Saw His Half-Siblings Again, And Made The Kids Cry

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One of the most difficult relationships to strengthen is one between half-siblings. This is especially true if your parent had these kids with someone you don’t like or trust. 

One teenager has been stressed about his dad trying to force him into having a close relationship with his distant half-siblings and eventually snapped, making his half-siblings cry.

He’s 16-years-old, and his parents divorced when he was only seven. They divorced because his mom found out his dad was cheating on her, and he ended up staying with his mistress. His dad had three kids with the other woman before she decided to abandon them, leaving him a single father.

When he turned 12, he went to court to ask if he could live with his mom full-time instead of bouncing back and forth between his mom and dad. Since then, he has mostly lived with his mom but has been required to stay with his dad every other weekend.

Things became more and more tense over the years, as after his dad’s mistress left him and their kids, his dad began asking his mom to help him take care of them, which put them in an uncomfortable position.

“Sometimes, I would hear Dad saying she should have my half-siblings over, so they could see me more or so I could bond better with them at her house because he knew I didn’t see them as just siblings and he knew I didn’t exactly love them,” he said.

“It wasn’t hard to figure out because I really didn’t show any interest in them. My dad wanted to change that, and he wanted Mom to be part of it.”

Recently, his dad has been even more persistent about getting his mom to have his half-siblings over, stressing out about them not spending enough time together. His mom has been doing her best to defend their space and not force him to hang out with his half-siblings, but his dad has been on his case non-stop.

About a week ago, while visiting his dad’s house before Halloween, his dad told him that his mom should have his half-siblings over for Halloween weekend so they could dress up together. Then, his dad seemed angry with his mom, mostly blaming her for him and his half-siblings being unable to bond.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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