His Dad Has Been Trying To Force Him To Forge A Closer Relationship With His Half-Siblings, Who Were Born From His Dad’s Affair, So He Finally Lost It, Claimed He Wouldn’t Care If He Never Saw His Half-Siblings Again, And Made The Kids Cry

“That’s when I said I don’t want them to come over to Mom’s [and] I never wanted them to come over,” he recalled.

“I told Dad I wouldn’t care if I never saw them again. Dad yelled at me, and then I yelled back. It was only after a few minutes we realized the kids heard because they had started to cry. Dad told me I should be ashamed for saying what I did where they could hear.”

A week following their big blowout, his dad sent him non-stop text messages about how he should be ashamed of his behavior.

Did he do anything wrong, or was his outburst valid?

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