His Fiancée Was Hooking Up With His Stepdad, And They Tried To Make Him Think He Was Crazy When He Started Getting Suspicious

Photo 129361066 © Victoriaandreas - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

If you’ve ever been gaslit before, you know how entrapped it can make you feel. Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse and psychological manipulation that occurs over an extended period of time.

In families, it can be difficult to spot gaslighting. After all, why would people who love you strive to make you question your sanity and second-guess your reality?

TikToker @bbebard was a victim of gaslighting, and the perpetrators were the person he thought was the love of his life and someone who was a father figure to him.

In a video that has accumulated 2.8 million views, he discusses how his fiancée was hooking up with his stepdad behind his back, and they tried to make him think he was crazy when he started to suspect something was up.

So, his fiancée and stepdad went to great lengths in order to convince him that he was hallucinating. They moved stuff around and left letters lying around that made it seem like he had been writing to himself.

And, of course, when the two people you’re closest to are telling you that you’re going crazy, you will believe that you’re actually starting to lose your mind.

Before all this had happened, his parents had asked him and his fiancée to move in with them so they could save money and start their marriage off in a good place financially.

But as the situation escalated, he ended up moving out and breaking up with his fiancée because his “mental problems” were taking a toll on everyone.

When he realized that he wasn’t going insane and that his suspicions were real, his stepdad told him that he had been sent to bring him his second wife.

Photo 129361066 © Victoriaandreas – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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