His Friends Brought Their Dog To Dinner At A Restaurant, So He Left

velimir - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

This 27-year-old man planned an evening out with his 28-year-old fiancée and their friends at a trendy restaurant that’s close to where they all live.

Now, he and his fiancée are not dog lovers in the least. He has never liked dogs, and he has had previous girlfriends break up with him over not wanting to ever own one.

His fiancée feels the same way that he does about dogs, and all their mutual friends are aware of this.

“Like we aren’t the type to pet them all,” he explained. “A key part of this story, nearly every restaurant has patios that are dog friendly while indoors are not. It’s nearly impossible to find non-pet-friendly patios.”

“Our friends, however, are now pet people. They got a dog over COVID. They’ve become the people that take it everywhere with them. My fiancée and I do hang out with them less because of it. We showed up about 10 minutes early for our reservation.”

“I intended to eat indoors. Turns out our friends beat us here. We were led to a patio table and see they brought their dog. I say no, I’m not doing this. What are you thinking bringing that?”

He and his fiancée went back inside the restaurant to see if they could sit at the bar, and as they were doing so, his friend chased after them.

His friend mentioned that their dog sitter canceled on them and that their dog will lay there and not bother them during dinner.

He didn’t care, and he asked his friend why he even needed to get a dog sitter before saying he’s not eating with their dog.

velimir – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person or dog

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