His Girlfriend Blamed Her Mental Breakdown On His Refusal To Marry Her

Ilya.K - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Back in 2018, this 31-year-old man met his 32-year-old girlfriend online. After a year of dating, he invited his girlfriend to move in with him, and she did.

In the beginning, everything was wonderful. His girlfriend was loving and affectionate. She started completing chores around the house without him even asking. She also tried to find a job so she could help contribute to their rent.

But that didn’t last. Now he’s the one paying for their lives, and he still has been hoping she would contribute financially, but that never materialized.

“In [the] following three years, she managed to work for two months total,” he explained. “She tried to find a job, but something always was keeping her away from finding one: COVID, health issues, hobbies, or events.”

“I was still hopeful and tried not to nag her. At least she tries to do something, even if it looks like she’s just mostly chilling on [the] couch. It could change in any moment, I thought.”

“Well…It changed quite a bit. In February 2023, she had a mental break. She lost her sleep almost completely, constantly had panic attacks, and couldn’t eat. It was [the] most awful and exhausting month in my life. I was trying to help as hard as I could.”

His girlfriend was stressed out and irritated, and they fought a ton. She cried nonstop and begged him for more attention.

She even needed his help to complete the simplest tasks. When the month was over, she ended up in a private mental health clinic.

It was super expensive, and he didn’t really have the money to pay for his girlfriend to be there, but he figured it out.

Ilya.K – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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