His Girlfriend’s Ex Walked Right In While They Were Eating Dinner, And He Wants To File A Police Report

Photo 165395966 © Boggy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

For the last year, this 38-year-old man has been dating his 36-year-old girlfriend. His girlfriend has two young teens with her ex-husband, and they split custody.

Yesterday, his girlfriend picked up her kids and noticed her ex forgot to send their kids to camp along with their coats.

Since the temperature is going to drop down into the 30s for the rest of the week, his girlfriend messaged her ex to ask if he could drop the coats for the kids off on her front porch later on, and he said yes.

“While sitting down for dinner tonight with her, her kids, and my kids in her dining room, which is at the front of her house, we heard the front door smart lock unlock and the door open…he popped in with the coats and said “I’m sorry, if I knew you were here I wouldn’t have come in,” dropped the coats and left,” he explained.

“The code he used is one she has set up for her kids in case they ever need to come in, and apparently, he knew it.”

“I talked to her after the kids went to bed and told her how violated I feel. Not only did he come into a space we often have private time, [but] he also made a comment that made it sound like he thinks it would be more okay to come in if we weren’t there.”

His girlfriend made a new code for the front door, but he’s concerned that won’t fix anything. His girlfriend’s ex doesn’t respect boundaries, and this guy will do things to intentionally mess with his girlfriend.

For instance, one time, his girlfriend and her ex said they would host a birthday party for one of their kids in a “neutral” space, yet her ex went ahead and sent invites to have the party at his home.

He informed his girlfriend that making a new code for the door wasn’t doing enough to handle the situation.

Photo 165395966 © Boggy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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