His Girlfriend’s Mom Went Snooping Through The Personal Stuff In His Office, So He Kicked Her Out Of His House

Her mother didn’t steal anything, but she looked through everything in his office. Right after he got home from work, he ordered her mother to get out.

“I didn’t trust her or appreciate her going through my stuff. I also accused her of potentially stealing stuff because I don’t have cameras in the other parts of my house before kicking her out,” he explained.

His girlfriend was furious that he forced her mother to leave his house. She had to pay for her mother to stay in a motel for the remainder of her trip.

Despite showing his girlfriend the Ring camera footage of her mother searching through his office, she doubled down on her belief that he was overreacting.

He thought that he was well within his rights to kick her mother out after discovering that she was violating his privacy and possibly could have been stealing from him.

“My girlfriend told me I was warned about her issues, then also told me it was my fault because I should have locked off that part of the house,” he shared.

In his girlfriend’s view, if he’d locked his office, her mother wouldn’t have had the opportunity to snoop through his stuff, and this situation could have been avoided.

He still believes that he did the right thing.

What would you have done if you had been in his shoes?

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