His Mom Calls Household Chores A “Woman’s Job,” Yet Accuses Him Of Being Lazy When He Doesn’t Help Out Around The House

Photo 26688676 © Diego Vito Cervo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever had to throw the words of a hypocrite back at them to prove a point?

One man has been upset with his mother and her dated values, as she refers to household chores as a ‘woman’s job’ but still calls him a lazy son anytime he doesn’t help out around the house.

He’s 28-years-old and engaged to his high school sweetheart. They’re not financially ready to get married or get a home together, so they’ve been temporarily living with his parents while they wait for the apartment they want to rent to become available.

Recently, his older sister, who’s a full-time nurse, revealed she’s on the brink of divorce because her husband hardly does anything to help her around the house.

“He simply comes back from work and sits and plays until he goes to bed, while my sister does all of the housework on top of her full-time nursing job,” he explained.

“My mom believes my sister is unreasonable in her demands towards her husband and believes it’s a woman’s job to do housework and cater to her husband, even if she works.”

His mom has felt this way for a long time and has even judged him and his fiancée for the way they split their household duties. She’s bad-mouthed her future daughter-in-law and accuses her of “forcing” him to contribute to daily chores.

While his mom is very opinionated about the subject, she’s also a hypocrite.

“Despite all that, my mom demands that I help her around the house when it’s housework she wants [me] to do,” he said.

Photo 26688676 © Diego Vito Cervo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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