His New Neighbor Rudely Demanded That He Change His Dog’s Name, Since This Guy’s Daughter Has The Same Name

The man turned out to be one of his new neighbors and angrily asked him why he was trying to call his daughter into his house.

Confused, he asked if the man’s daughter was named Charlotte. Once he found out she was, he tried to politely explain that his dog is named Charlotte. 

“He rolled his eyes at me and said I’d ‘better’ change my dog’s name because he doesn’t want his [two-year-old] daughter getting confused and running into my house. I told him that’s not going to happen because not only did my dog have the name first, but we also lived here first. Plus, I don’t like strangers making demands of me before even attempting to be polite.”

The man told him he was stupid and that the name of a ‘human child’ should have priority over a dog’s name. He decided to shut the door in his neighbor’s face and waited for him to leave. Later that day, he stayed in the yard with Charlotte until she had finished her business.

“This guy just kind of stood in his yard with his arms crossed and glared at me the entire time,” he recalled. 

He doesn’t think he should have to change his dog’s name and believes his neighbor should be the one teaching his daughter about stranger danger and advising her against wandering into people’s yards at a young age.

What would you do if you were in his shoes?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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