His Niece Flushed More Than $15,000 Of His Wife’s Jewelry Down The Toilet

Alinnan - - illustrative purposes only

This 31-year-old man and his wife, 31, got married two and a half years ago after dating for five years.

They are deeply in love with each other and have a lot of happiness in their marriage. He admires his wife as a person and thinks she’s wonderful.

However, her brother has been a constant issue. In his opinion, his brother-in-law is domineering and acts like a child. Her brother’s behavior irritates him on a regular basis.

Sadly, his wife’s mother passed away two years ago. Afterward, his brother-in-law impulsively made the decision to move with his wife and children from Canada to the United States without visiting beforehand.

He and his wife live in the United States, and for six months, his brother-in-law started to borrow his wife’s vehicle.

While his wife’s brother was constantly using her car, he and his wife were still making payments each month on the vehicle.

As time went on, he got fed up with this because he and his wife often had only one vehicle to rely on.

He expressed to his wife that her brother needed to purchase his own vehicle instead of continuing to borrow hers.

“The day came, and he went to the dealership with my wife and their dad, and he got himself a brand new, $40,000 luxury car. Now, how did he do this without credit? Well, I found out shortly afterward that my wife co-signed for the car,” he said.

Alinnan – – illustrative purposes only

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