His Niece Flushed More Than $15,000 Of His Wife’s Jewelry Down The Toilet

When he discovered this, he was furious, but he knew that his wife didn’t understand how terrible of a mistake she’d made by co-signing on her brother’s vehicle.

Within the last several months, his brother-in-law’s wife started working. Because of his brother-in-law’s and his wife’s work schedules, neither of them was able to pick up their children from the bus stop, which was located several apartment buildings away from theirs.

So, from Monday through Friday, ever since her brother’s wife got a job, his wife has been picking up her brother’s children from the bus stop.

According to his wife, this wasn’t an inconvenience for her, but in his view, they should have hired a babysitter to do this.

His brother-in-law has a 10-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son. Leading up to Thanksgiving, his brother-in-law’s daughter was off of school, but his son still had some days left of school.

His wife agreed to babysit her niece for a few days, so one morning, her niece was dropped off at their house at 6 a.m.

A couple of days ago, his wife was napping downstairs. While she was asleep, her niece went upstairs to their bedroom while he was working in his home office.

“I heard cabinets being opened and shut. We discovered spilled foundation all over one of our bathrooms and some broken things,” he explained.

At the time, he and his wife brushed it off as her niece just misbehaving. His wife has a jewelry box where she keeps her mother’s engagement ring and necklaces, all of them worth about $15,000 to $20,000.

When they were checking to see what else her niece got into, they realized that the jewelry was no longer in the jewelry box.

They repeatedly questioned her niece about where the jewelry was, but she just said she had no idea.

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