His Parents Expect Him To Take Over Caring For His 30-Year-Old Brother Once They’re Gone, But He’s Refusing To Do That And Believes His Parents Are Enabling His Brother’s Immature Behavior

Drobot Dean - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 35-year-old guy has a younger 30-year-old brother who dropped out of college and has been living with their parents ever since. And now, as his parents start to get older, he’s refusing to take care of his brother once they’re gone.

For context, he doesn’t believe that his brother is doing much with his life. His brother’s daily routine includes sleeping throughout the whole day and playing video games or streaming YouTube videos all night.

To be clear, his brother doesn’t make money from posting on YouTube, either, and has not actively searched for a job.

Instead, his brother has basically been living off of his parents’– who are retired– savings, even though he has pleaded with his brother on numerous occasions to find some work.

“I have tried to impress on my brother multiple times that our parents won’t live forever and that he’ll need to fend for himself when they’re gone,” he said.

Regardless, his brother always just changes the topic or claims not to want to talk about it.

Aside from not having a job, he claimed that his brother has also become morbidly obese and suffered various health issues due to living such a sedentary lifestyle. And even in the face of warnings from doctors, his brother has not made any lifestyle changes.

“I just wish there was a way to make my brother wake up and see reality and maybe get a little serious about life,” he admitted.

“My brother does not even contribute to helping around the house.”

Drobot Dean – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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