His Parents Were 35 Minutes Late To His Wedding, And They Were Mad That He Didn’t Wait For Them To Start

“They were very disappointed that they did not get to participate in the ceremony and that they missed so much of it,” he recalled.

“I was ready for this. I had one of my friends waiting, and he took their pictures when they were entering the church and sitting down at the back. He sent me the pictures as a text and as an email.”

At the reception, he pulled up his wedding invitation with the start time clearly listed. Then, when his parents tried to claim they were only five minutes late, he pulled up the pictures he had of them arriving at the ceremony 35 minutes late. 

His parents became defensive and told him he should’ve waited for them like his siblings did at their weddings. He told them he hadn’t put up with their lateness since his high school graduation 15 years ago and doesn’t understand why they thought he would change that now.

“I told them that my siblings could coddle them all they wanted, but to enjoy their time with me, they had better learn to be punctual,” he added.

“They said I was disrespectful, and if I did not like their behavior, that was entirely my problem. I agreed and said I would be handling all my time with them the exact same way.”

Should he have waited for his parents before starting his wedding ceremony, or was he right to start on time?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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