His Son’s Teacher Gave Him Grief About His Son Missing A Presentation Due To Anxiety, But He Didn’t Want To Tell Her The Real Reason Since She’s A Gossiper

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If you’re a parent with kids old enough to be in school, have you ever had to confront one of their teachers?

It happens to many people, as not every classroom experience goes perfectly, and not every teacher is a great fit for your kid.

One man recently got into some drama with his son’s teacher and vice principal after the teacher gave him grief about his son having to miss a presentation due to anxiety.

He has a son named Dawson, who is in the sixth grade. They recently found out that Dawson had to give a victim impact statement in court after an incident, and he’s been anxious about it ever since. For around a month, Dawson was so worried about giving the statement that he slept in his bed every night. 

Dawson was due to read the statement on a Friday and had to give an oral report in his social studies class that same day. Because of his court date, Dawson couldn’t give the report, and he knew he’d have to contact his teacher to let her know.

However, he wanted to avoid telling Dawson’s teacher about why he wouldn’t be in class on Friday, as she and her son, who’s in Dawson’s grade, are gossipers. Because of the severity of the situation and how much anxiety it’s causing his son, he doesn’t want them to know anything about it.

When he spoke to Dawson’s teacher, Mrs. T, he told her he had an appointment on Friday and asked if he could give the report on Monday. Then, she asked him if Dawson could do it on Thursday, the day before the report was due.

“I said that was a totally fair question, but there’s something going on with him, and he’s emotionally distraught,” he recalled.

“I don’t want him breaking down in class and being made fun of. She said there was no good excuse to punt an oral exam because Dawson has the ‘jitters.’ I said it’s way more than that.”

Photo 49207435 © Wavebreakmedia Ltd – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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