His Teenaged Son’s Girlfriend Is Pretty Toxic, So He’s Been Trying To Get His Son To Break Up With Her

Yuliia- illustrative purposes only not the actual person

For the last 18 months, this man’s son, D’Khari, 17, has been in a relationship with Violet, 16.

While D’Khari has met Violet’s entire family, she won’t meet his.

Several times, he’s invited Violet to get together with their family for different holidays, to join them for dinner, and even on vacation so that she feels welcome and knows that they’re including her in their family get-togethers.

He’s been introduced to all of his other children’s partners, but Violet won’t talk to him on the phone or text him.

In his view, this is worrying, and he’s told D’Khari several times that he’s concerned about how Violet is refusing to meet the family.

After voicing his views, he and D’Khari have had tension.

From D’Khari’s perspective, he’s not being fair to Violet because he has such negative thoughts about her without having met her.

During their conversations, he told D’Khari that he doesn’t appreciate the fact that Violet won’t even say hello to him.

D’Khari let Violet know this, but she hasn’t changed her avoidant behavior.

Yuliia- illustrative purposes only not the actual person

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