If You’re Hoping To Shake Up Your Seasonal Cocktail Repertoire This Year, The Gingerbread Latte Martini Is The Cozy Beverage You’ve Been Searching For

To start your gingerbread martini, you’ll want to create a sweet and spicy rim for your glass. First, line your martini glass rim with gingerbread syrup.

Next, combine your brown sugar, ginger, and cinnamon and spread the mixture on a plate or in a shallow dish. Then, simply dip the syrupy glass rim into the sugar mixture to create an evenly coated, sugary rim.

Next, put some ice in a cocktail shaker before adding the vodka, Irish cream, gingerbread syrup, whipping cream, and espresso.

Then, pop on the shaker lid and give it a good shake for at least 10 to 15 seconds so everything gets nice and cold.

Finally, pour your martini into your sweetly rimmed-glass and wait a moment before serving to allow a nice foam to settle on top. 

Feel free to garnish your martini with a few more sprinkles of cinnamon and ginger or, better yet, a tiny gingerbread cookie!

And there you have it, a cocktail that will make any gingerbread lover happy. Serve them for dessert at your next holiday party, or quickly whip them up before watching your favorite Christmas movie.

Enjoy and happy holidays!

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