Known As The “Mother Of Miami,” She Was The Only Major Female Founder Of The Famous Floridian City And Was Determined To Develop The Land Into A Reputable Trading Port For The U.S.

Photo 36645779 © Sean Pavone - -illustrative purposes only

If you’re a big fan of hanging out in and visiting Miami, Florida, you should know who Julia Tuttle was, the woman known as the “Mother of Miami.”

Julia was the only major female founder of the city of Miami, and it wouldn’t be the same without her.

Julia was born in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1848. In the late 1860s, she married Frederick L. Tuttle, and they lived in Ohio with their two children.

Julia didn’t visit the state of Florida until 1875 when her parents decided to move to Biscayne Bay. She was quickly fascinated with the land and its beauty and saw great potential for it.

In 1886, Julia had to prove herself as a businesswoman when her husband died, and she was left to deal with all their financial affairs. Then, when her father died around five years later, she decided to sell her family’s Cleveland home and move to Biscayne Bay.

Once she arrived in Florida, Julia made big moves and purchased the 640 acres of land where Miami is now located using her family’s estate. She had a strong determination to develop the land into a great trading city for the United States.

Julia had the smart idea to bring the railroad system to southern Miami, as it would increase the area’s popularity and bring in a lot of prosperity.

For years, she worked to persuade multi-millionaire Henry M. Flagler to build a railroad system in Miami, and thanks to her persistence, the first train arrived in the city on April 22nd, 1896.

Julia worked tirelessly to make Miami a home and fun destination for people all over the country. She helped found and start some of the city’s first businesses and wrote letters to wealthy and influential people to help her develop and grow the city.

Photo 36645779 © Sean Pavone – -illustrative purposes only

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