Making Mistakes Is A Part Of Life, But Here’s How You Can Help Your Children Learn To Own Up To These Wrongdoings Rather Than Run From Them

Between the time you wake up in the morning and the time your head finally hits the pillow again at night, you have to make hundreds of choices. For example, you must decide what to wear, what to eat for lunch, and what to buy for a friend’s birthday.

Usually, these decisions are all made in the privacy of your own mind. But that means your child doesn’t get to see the amount of effort that goes into making even the smallest of decisions. When you explain your choices out loud, that lets your child understand your thought process and can help them make good choices themselves later on.

Don’t Solve All Their Problems

Parents are superheroes who always have their children’s backs. When your kid forgets their homework, neglects to pick up their toys, or gets into an argument with a friend, you’re there to save the day. However, if you’re constantly righting their wrongs, your child won’t figure out how to fix problems themselves.

Every so often, they need to feel the impact of a mistake they made. This will allow them to see that mistakes don’t mean failure, and they can learn how to correct them independently.

Model Owning Your Mistakes

Whenever you commit a blunder, be a positive role model by being vocal about it. If you were late picking your child up from school or forgot about a scheduled play date, accept responsibility for them. Simply state that you’re sorry or it was your fault and leave it at that.

Call Them Out For Finger-Pointing

Finally, once your child is able to process the idea of responsibility, you can effectively call them out for trying to pass the blame to others. Make sure to give them a few chances to point their finger away from someone else and admit to their mistakes on their own.

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