Next Time You Make A Pot Of Joe, Don’t Just Throw Away The Coffee Grinds: Here’s Everything You Can Actually Clean In Your Home Using The Spent Beans

Absorb Foul Odors In The Fridge

Your refrigerator is a prime spot for bacteria to grow, especially when it contains spills that you’ve neglected to clean up and spoiled leftovers that you’ve forgotten to throw out. This makes your fridge take on an unpleasant, foul odor. Sometimes, even when you’ve cleared away the cause of the smell, it still lingers in your fridge.

Coffee grounds can neutralize the smell and permanently banish bad odors. All you need to do is set a small bowl or cup filled with coffee grounds in the fridge. The nitrogen in the grounds, which reacts with carbon, works to absorb the odors and keep your fridge smelling fresh.

Eliminate Scuffs From Wooden Surfaces

Wooden furniture and flooring can become easily scratched or scuffed. When this happens, coffee grounds can be used to restore their appearance. In order to do so, mix some grounds with a spoonful of warm water or olive oil to create a thick paste.

Then, apply the paste on the damaged areas and gently rub on the surface. Allow it to sit for ten to fifteen minutes before wiping away the excess grounds. Finally, buff the wood dry. You can repeat the process until the scratches have been fully eliminated.

Tamp Down Ashes In The Fireplace

Every time you attempt to clean your fireplace, dust and ashes always fly everywhere and land on other surfaces, forcing you to do even more cleanup. Believe it or not, coffee grounds can make the task of cleaning your fireplace less messy and frustrating.

Sprinkling grounds on top of the ashes prior to cleaning helps weigh the ashes down and makes them easier to scoop up. Gone are the days of irritating dust clouds!

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