On A Date, The Guy’s Credit Card Got Declined For Their $40 Meal, So She Was Forced To Pay

“However, he had no other card and was waiting for me to offer to pay,” she explained. “The workers were staring at us, and there were people waiting for us, and I was so uncomfortable. So, then I had to pay!”

“…I have no problem with paying. However, I am traditional, and I think that it is important in the dating or “courting” stages that a guy pays for a girl, especially when he is the one that asked her out.”

“This was the first time that he had ever paid for me for anything, and it was only a $40 meal. It would have been one thing if his card declined, then he had another one to pay or had cash or his bank suspected fraud, and he sorted it out. But it was the fact that he almost expected to not have enough money and was preparing for it to decline. Then wait for me to offer to pay.”

She just doesn’t think this should be happening when you’re 29-years-old, and this date has left her feeling like she should break up with him.

Although they have a good connection, and she likes him a lot, this has left a bad taste in her mouth.

She wants a guy who will take her out for dinner and events and not have to be concerned about picking up the tab.

“I want to be wined and dined by a man because I do it for myself every…time,” she said.

Do you think she should stop seeing this guy over having to pay for their last date?

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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