On The Day She Was Supposed To Go Out With A Guy, He Called Her From Jail And Asked Her To Post His $2,000 Bail

Rido - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever been someone’s one phone call from jail? TikToker Mary (@midwest_princess_) is talking about the time when a guy she had planned to go on a first date with called her from jail, asking her to bail him out.

A couple of summers ago, when she was still in college, Mary and her friend were leaving a bar. As they were leaving, she spotted a cute guy out of the corner of her eye. She made intense eye contact with him for a few seconds before going on her way.

When they reached the street, she realized that he was running after them, shouting for them to wait. After he caught up with them, he asked Mary for her phone number. No man had ever asked her for her number before, and she was taken aback. It all felt very grown-up and romantic, so she gave him her number.

She noted that he had been drinking, so she assumed that he would end up forgetting all about their interaction and not text her at all.

But a month or two later, he texted her, and they chatted for about thirty minutes, exchanging basic information about each other. He then invited her on a date, which blew her away since she had never had a man ask her out so quickly before.

He planned the whole date and had decided to treat her to dinner at a restaurant. Mary felt flattered and was really excited to go out with him. On the day of the date, she was getting ready when her phone suddenly started ringing.

She wasn’t expecting a phone call, so she thought it was just spam. But then, she realized the call was from the Lancaster County Correctional Facility.

She picked up the phone and heard an automated voice system telling her that she had a collect call from the guy she was supposed to go on a date with.

When he answered the phone, he told her that he hoped she was having a better day than he currently was. Then, he apologized and said that he needed to cancel their date. Mary told him it was okay.

Rido – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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