Pups Deserve To Feel Pampered In Their Old Age, So Here’s How To Make Your Home More Comfortable For A Senior Dog

If you have hardwood floors, you should start covering them up to give your pup an easier time around the house. While you don’t have to necessarily cover your entire home in carpet, you can focus on covering the areas they spend the most time in with area rugs and even yoga mats.

Install dog stairs and ramps.

If your senior dog isn’t too fond of using dog beds and still insists on sleeping and lounging on your furniture, why deny them the opportunity to do so just because they’re getting older?

You can purchase dog stairs or ramps for the end or edge of your bed and couch, so your pup can get up there and snuggle with you. It may take them a while to get used to stairs and ramps, and you might have to do some training, but once they get the hang of them, they’ll love them.

Block any dangerous spots.

Remember when your dog was a puppy, and you had to block off certain areas or things so they wouldn’t go through them and chew stuff up? You can do the same for your senior dog to prevent any accidents. 

For instance, if you have stairs to your basement accessible to your senior dog, consider blocking them off with a baby or puppy gate to prevent them from taking a tumble down.

The same thing can go with a staircase leading up, as you don’t want them falling in either direction. This is one little step you can take to prevent a big accident.

Elevate their food and water bowls.

Did you know that some senior dogs struggle to stand up and lower their necks to eat their food and water? Since our dogs love eating and will do almost anything to finish their dinner, it can be hard to spot them straining.

To help them out, buy some elevated food and water bowls so they don’t have to use as much strength to bend down and eat.

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