She Allowed Her Son To Pick Out A Shimmery New Pair Of Shoes, But Her Ex Made Her Son Cry And Called Her A Bad Parent For Allowing Him To Wear A “Girl’s Shoe”

puhhha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This woman has a son who is 4-years-old, and right now, his favorite colors are pink and anything that includes some glitter.

As for his favorite toys, her son really loves trucks and Hot Wheels at the moment.

“And anything he can knock down and crash and pretend to be on fire,” she said.

At her son’s age, it’s also very common for kids to be going through growth spurts, and he is at the tail end of a big one right now. So, all of a sudden, he has outgrown basically all of his shoes.

That’s why she recently took her son to the store and picked up two new pairs.

The first pair of shoes is a beige boot that has some shimmer. According to her, the boot would look pretty “gender neutral” if it didn’t have any of the shimmer.

“He really wanted them, and I didn’t want to argue,” she reasoned.

“He’s usually picky about the shoes I get him, so we got those.”

She also ordered a second pair of shoes for her son online– which are a blue, more stereotypical “boy’s shoe” that her son also picked out.

puhhha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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