She Collaborated With A Designer To Create A Custom Wedding Gown, But The Designer Took The Dress To France And Used It In A Photoshoot After Her Wedding Without Even Telling Her, And She’s Now Feeling Heartbroken

Photo 85614888 © Miramisska - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman is now married, but back when she was engaged, she began the process of searching for her perfect wedding gown. However, even after trying on numerous dresses, she just didn’t find what she was envisioning.

That’s why she ultimately decided to collaborate with a dress designer in her area to create her dream wedding dress.

Now, she claimed that her gown was extremely expensive– totaling in the five digits. Plus, she also had the designer create multiple other dresses for her big day, so she believed that she was the designer’s top customer of the year.

“We had an excellent rapport with each other, and I sincerely enjoyed working with the designer,” she added.

She felt like the designer listened to every idea she had and executed them successfully. So, the process was really collaborative, and she also put a ton of effort into creating her dream dress– which was very special for her.

Anyway, she wound up tying the knot in September, and following the event, her designer offered to fix a small rip on her gown as well as have the dress dry-cleaned.

She agreed to that, too, and arranged to give the designer her dress.

“When I stopped by her studio to drop it off, the designer even surprised me with champagne, and we all toasted to the amazing work her team put in to bring my dream to reality!” she recalled.

At that point, her designer also explained how they were planning to travel to France for a photoshoot workshop. So, she wouldn’t hear from the designer for a while.

Photo 85614888 © Miramisska – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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