She Decided To Cut Men Out Of Her Life For A Year, And Finally Let Go Of Her Anxious Attachment Style

She went on to describe the anxiety as “mental torture” that she didn’t know how to put a stop to. Additionally, she did not have any specific standards, which led her to associate with guys who were toxic.

After spending more time with herself and focusing on her well-being and goals, she began to set some standards in place. When her standards were solidified, she realized her self-worth, which caused her to let go of her anxious attachment style.

Although she became more confident and secure with herself, this did not mean she never messed up. Even after her transformation, there were some instances when she talked to guys who weren’t good for her. However, it was significantly easier to cut them off.

Dealing with rejection also became less excruciating. In the past, she often felt extremely ashamed and embarrassed whenever she was faced with rejection. But now, she no longer internalizes it or takes it to heart.

“I feel a lot more mentally healthy than I have in a long time, especially pertaining to relationships. And I’m a lot happier just being alone all the time,” she said.

Currently, she’s living in a new country all by herself, yet she doesn’t really feel lonely. At this point, her desire for a relationship is almost non-existent. For now, her attitude regarding relationships is if it happens, it happens. And if it doesn’t, that’s okay, too.


and look how im glowing!!!!! happy one year to loving myself fully ?

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