She Didn’t Congratulate A Family Member On Another Pregnancy Because She Thinks Their Family Is A “Hot Mess” And They’re Doing A Horrible Job Raising The Two Children They Already Have

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This 30-year-old woman recently found out that one of her family members, 34, is having another baby with his wife, also 34.

The couple already have two children together, and both of their kids are under 5-years-old. In her view, they have done an awful job as parents so far.

Her family member’s wife is a stay-at-home mother but doesn’t actively parent her children. All she does is sit her children in front of the TV all day long.

“The kids aren’t in a preschool, potty trained, or verbally up to par. They’ve had CPS called on them more than once,” she said.

The couple has had a rocky relationship and marriage, and both partners have cheated on each other.

About three months ago, the two of them had an explosive argument over her family member’s wife’s cheating.

During the fight, his wife told him that she wanted to hurt herself. The argument was so intense that she had to go pick up their children so that they were away from the chaos.

Plus, the couple don’t have their finances in order. They are constantly reaching out to their parents to ask for money for necessities.

But she pointed out that they always seem to find the money to go out drinking and partying yet won’t prioritize spending that money on their children.

Photo 135217391 © Studio113 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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