She Doesn’t Support Her Son’s Engagement And Tried To Express Her Concerns About His Fiancée, But Her Son Just Accused Her Of Being A “Hater”

Nicole - illustrative purposes only

This 50-year-old woman’s son, 25, got engaged to his fiancée, 31, after dating for only a year.

Because of this, she isn’t supportive of their recent engagement.

Unfortunately, she also doesn’t like her son’s fiancée.

Her son is employed, but he doesn’t make enough money to provide for a family.

Right now, her son is living with her and her husband, 55.

His fiancée also lives at home with her parents, but she doesn’t have a job at the moment.

Apparently, her son said that after they get married, he will be moving in with his fiancée and her parents.

“I met her at her parents’ house, and she was very rude to them, yelling, calling them stupid, and bossing them around, behaving like a 16-year-old,” she said.

This was deeply troubling behavior.

Nicole – illustrative purposes only

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