She Doesn’t Want To Visit Her In-Laws’ Home On Christmas Eve Because Her Sister-In-Law Will Be There With A New Baby, And She’s Currently Battling Infertility

Photo 128784547 © Viorelkurnosov - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

The holidays can be a rough time for some people, as through gatherings and celebrations, we’re often forced to see some friends or relatives that we aren’t too fond of or get triggered by seeing.

One woman and her husband don’t want to go to his parents’ house for Christmas Eve because her sister-in-law will be there with her new baby, and she’s been struggling with infertility issues.

She’s 33 and has been trying for a baby with her 34-year-old husband for over three years.

There’s been a lot of waiting on fertility specialists and failed pregnancies, which have been extremely hard on her and caused her to become very depressed. 

Then, last year, she had to deal with some pretty difficult news when she found out her sister-in-law was expecting a baby.

Her sister-in-law is only 27-years-old and hadn’t been with her new brother-in-law for very long, but surprisingly, she had a really easy time getting pregnant. The news thrilled her in-laws, as it was their first time becoming grandparents.

Her husband isn’t very close with his sister at all, and they hardly talk, as they had always been distant growing up and chose different career paths and lifestyles as they got older.

However, she only sees her sister and brother-in-law when her husband’s parents invite the entire family to join them at their house for Christmas Eve.

“It’s the only day in the year that we see these people,” she explained.

Photo 128784547 © Viorelkurnosov – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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