She Found Out Her Fiancé Cheated On Her While He Was Proposing

Photo 143517769 © Piman Khrutmuang - - illustrative purposes only

Not everyone gets to have their dream proposal. Or some people do, only to have it ruined by something horribly unexpected.

TikToker Tiffany Lyn (@tiffanylyynn) is describing how she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her while he was in the middle of proposing to her.

At the time of the proposal, they had been dating for about two years. The fact that he was proposing at all was a shock to her because even though she was madly in love with him, she didn’t feel that they were ready for such a big step yet. Here’s how the proposal went down.

One day, he surprised her with a trip to Orlando, Florida, so that they could have some fun at the amusement parks.

Once they got to the amusement park, he decided to sign up to be a contestant in one of the competitions the park held.

Right before the competition was about to start, he handed her his cell phone and asked her to film him.

The competition consisted of three or four challenges, and in the end, he won them all. But while she was excitedly filming and encouraging him, his phone began buzzing with text messages that kept popping up on the screen.

The text messages turned out to be from a woman he had been seeing throughout their whole two-year relationship.

From the texts, Tiffany could tell the woman was angry. Apparently, her boyfriend had texted the woman the morning of their trip to break things off with her because he planned on getting engaged to Tiffany that day. The woman threw a fit even though she was married herself.

Photo 143517769 © Piman Khrutmuang – – illustrative purposes only

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