She Found Out Her Fiancé Cheated On Her While He Was Proposing

When Tiffany saw the messages, her heart dropped. She tried to stay calm as she sat in a crowd of thousands of people as she filmed her boyfriend proposing to her on a big screen in front of everyone.

She smiled, pretended to be the happiest woman on the planet, and accepted his marriage proposal. Everyone around her congratulated her as she made her way over to her now-fiancé.

When she reached him, he did the proposal again to her face. She quickly grabbed him, dragged him into the nearest restaurant, and sat him down in the bar area.

She told him what she knew, and he didn’t try to deny anything. For the next thirty minutes, he proceeded to tell her everything he thought she would want to hear.

The only response she could muster up was to say that the two-carat diamond ring he had given her would not be enough to make up for his mistakes or save the relationship.


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