She Kicked A Friend Out Of Her House Because They Told Her Nieces To “Cover Up” After Getting Home From Cheer Practice Since There Were Men In The House

She reprimanded the woman for scolding her nieces and said that their outfits were perfectly acceptable.

Continuing, she said that there are only two males in the house at the moment, one of them being her 3-year-old nephew and the other being her friend’s fiancé, a new father to twin daughters.

Then, she told the woman to leave because she didn’t want her to make her nieces feel uncomfortable at her house.

The woman walked out of the house at this point, and her friend and her friend’s fiancé took her side in the situation.

Since the whole point of the trip was to visit her and introduce her to their twins, they refused to drive the woman home, so she had to call her sister for a ride since she was stranded.

“When she left, I sat down all of the girls old enough to understand, and I explained that they do not have to cover up. The oldest asked me why her outfit was going to temp men. And I explained to them that some boys see clothes as an invitation to do bad things,” she shared.

As she lectured her nieces, she assured them that whenever they were hanging out at her house, she would ensure their safety.

She added that if a boy or adult man does or says something that makes them feel uneasy, they can let her know because she will deal with the situation.

Also, she told her nieces that it was unacceptable for the woman to scold them for their clothing.

After that, she didn’t say too much more. In her view, since her nieces aren’t her children, she didn’t think it was her place, and she felt like it was better for her to leave the lengthier discussions to their parents.

Even though she stood up for her nieces, she wished that she could have yelled even louder at the woman and with harsher words, but with so many children around, including her friend’s 2-month-old twins, she had to be careful.

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