She Kicked Her Mother-In-Law Out After She Drove 16 Hours To See Her New Baby Because Her Mother-In-Law Brought Her Niece Along, Who Severely Bullies Her Other Kids

After the incident, her husband’s sister (his niece’s mother) took his niece’s side and didn’t reprimand her daughter for being violent towards their son. Due to this, she and her husband no longer speak to his sister.

Her mother-in-law knows that she and her husband don’t talk to his sister and niece.

On the other hand, the other niece is well-behaved and kind, and she really enjoys being around this niece.

“I allowed the other niece to come inside and meet the baby, and I made my mother-in-law and the bully niece stay outside while she did so,” she explained.

Her husband completely agreed with her decision to do this, and he was furious with his mother. He was so angry that he voiced the option of letting the other niece and his mother stay with them for a week while making the bully niece take a flight home.

However, his mother felt uneasy allowing her to fly alone, which she felt was an understandable concern.

In the end, both of her husband’s nieces left with her mother-in-law, and she only allowed the better-behaved niece to meet her child.

Later, she and her husband have been name-called by a few members of his family.

“The sister-in-law that we are in no contact with is soiling our name by saying we have wasted my mother-in-law’s time and are wrongly punishing her child (she says we need to ‘get over it’). My brother-in-law says we are ignorant because my mother-in-law purchased her and her two granddaughters’ passports, so it was wasted money and wasted time,” she shared.

Her other sister-in-law (the mother of the well-behaved niece) luckily has taken their side throughout the situation.

Apparently, her mother-in-law told this sister-in-law that she’d informed her that she was bringing her husband’s nieces, which wasn’t true.

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