She Ordered A Matcha Latte At A Cafe And Thought The Barista Kept Looking At Her Because He Thought She Was Cute, But Really, She Just Had A Green Matcha Milk Foam Mustache

Unfortunately, neither was the case, and she would soon be greeted with an unpleasant surprise. Upon her arrival home, she walked into the bathroom, looked into the mirror, and saw a dark green milk foam mustache from her matcha latte staining the area around her lips.

Many TikTok users reassured Kathy, citing the situation to be “cute,” and praised her for being able to say something to the barista at all. Others divulged some of the most embarrassing moments they experienced in their lives.

“First of all, good for you having the courage to talk to him but also I think that’s so cute that you complimented him with a matcha mustache,” commented one user.

“I walked around with long toilet paper on my back for at least a couple of hours at the airport until a sweet old lady whispered in my ear,” shared another.

“The time I ate a chocolate croissant and no one told me I had chocolate all over my face for a whole day at work,” added a third.


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