She Recently Admitted That She Wouldn’t Help Her Sister Out Anymore Because Her Sister Just Announced That She Was Having Another Unplanned Baby

GVS - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When someone in your family has an unplanned pregnancy and suddenly decides to become a parent, a lot of relatives usually step up to help them out and adjust to their new responsibilities.

However, if that parent doesn’t eventually get their act together and become more independent, things can get tense and stressful.

One woman recently told her sister she would stop supporting her once she had her second child after she announced she was having another unplanned baby.

She’s married with children and has a sister who is several years younger than her.

When her younger sister was 19, she dropped out of college after getting pregnant with another man’s baby. At the time, she had a decent-paying job and had the resources to help out her sister, so she gave her some money and helped babysit her new niece.

“My niece is five years old now and is basically a bonus kid for my family,” she explained.

“Even my husband’s family has sort of adopted her as one of ours.”

Her family still helps her sister take care of her niece, and now, things are getting a lot busier, as her sister recently revealed that she’s pregnant with a second baby. The father is a man she met on Tinder, who deleted his profile and cut contact with her once she told him she was pregnant.

“I told her that was great, and I hoped that everything would work out for her,” she recalled.

GVS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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