She Started Hiding Her Heirlooms When Her Family Comes To Visit Since She’s Scared They’ll Take Them

Photo 38867493 © Nadino - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Have you ever gotten into any drama with siblings, cousins, or other relatives over family heirlooms?

Splitting up items that were once precious to older or passed family members can get really stressful, as people often have their eyes on one thing and can be very stubborn about giving things away.

One woman received three sentimental items that were passed down from her mom but had to begin hiding them anytime her family came over because her sister wanted to take them.

She is 42-years-old and one of five children. Her dad passed away when she was young, leaving her mom to raise her and her siblings.

Over the years, her mom collected some really cool furniture items and pieces she began giving away after downsizing and moving into a condo.

Although she had a strong connection to many of the things her mom had left, because she’s one of the younger siblings, she was one of the last to pick out what she wanted.”

“After everyone had decided on what they wanted, I wound up with three things that were of little to no financial value, but I treasure them for the memories they represent,” she said. 

“The first item is a tractor seat that is bolted to a butcher block to make a funky chair. The second item is a 1970s tacky spice cabinet, and the third thing is a set of stoneware pastry bowls that my mom had saved green stamps to buy.”

Over the years, the rest of her siblings have been quite careless with the items they took from their mom and either damaged or broke everything. She, however, has taken great care of her items and has done her best to preserve them. 

Photo 38867493 © Nadino – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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