She Started Hiding Her Heirlooms When Her Family Comes To Visit Since She’s Scared They’ll Take Them

Now, every time her siblings come over, they make a fuss over what she has and act as though they didn’t know she got it or make comments like, “I’ve always wanted that.”

One of her sisters has been particularly nosy about her items and wants to take them herself. Unfortunately, her mom has begun siding with her sister and trying to help her.

Not long ago, she found out her mom told her sister she should take the tractor chair because she “wasn’t really using it,” and it was sitting in her garage.

“I had it in the garage because I was protecting it from the weather, and it needed sanding,” she explained.

“For other reasons, I have gone no contact with this sister. Well, she texted me out of the blue to ask if she could have the chair.”

“I told her it was sentimental for me, and I would prefer to keep it. She tried to guilt trip me about how she didn’t have anything left from our parents. I didn’t reply; conversation over.”

Her sister has a bad track record for taking care of sentimental items and even has a basement with flooding issues, so she knew there was no way she’d ever want to hand over her family items to her. 

So, she began hiding everything when her family came over. For instance, a little while ago, her mom was house-sitting for her, and she hid the chair in fear of her mom giving it to her sister while she was gone.

“We will be hosting Christmas this year, and I plan to hide the bowls, the chair, and the spice rack while my family is visiting,” she added.

“I’m starting to feel like I don’t really want anything to do with my family at all, including the heirlooms.”

“I’m not someone who is generally attached to things, especially when it starts to affect a relationship, but I feel on principle this is about more than the heirlooms and more about boundaries.”

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