She Stayed In A Hostel With Two Creepy Men Who Barged Into Her Room And Wouldn’t Leave Until She Shoved Them Out

Photo 113678561 © Anyaberkut - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

During a trip to Poland, this 23-year-old woman and her friend arrived at their hostel but couldn’t get into the building. For some reason, the door wouldn’t open despite the women having the security code.

While outside, two men approached who said they were also staying at the hostel. The men tried to help, but the door still wouldn’t open. Finally, they were all able to get inside when someone was leaving the building.

At the start, the two men seemed kind and helpful. They offered to assist the women in carrying their luggage up the hostel stairs. However, the women weren’t able to check in right away like they assumed they’d be able to.

“Surprisingly, there was no one at the check-in desk, even though the owner specifically asked that we check in at this time,” she said.

Since the women knew which rooms they’d been assigned, the two men showed them where their room was, and they all introduced themselves to one another. The two men were 32 and 33, and the women told them how old they were as well.

After the men left, the women realized that since they hadn’t been able to check in, they didn’t have a key to get into the building or lock their room door. At this point, they started to feel uneasy about the converted apartment building that they were going to be staying in. She rationalized that this is the kind of hostel that you can expect for only $11 a night.

From there, things got even weirder.

“We then hear a brief knock on the door, and without waiting for a reply, these two dudes come back into our room to talk. The younger one of the two starts talking to us about going out that night and asking more questions about us, and at this point, my friend and I are exchanging looks. He mentions that he thinks I’m the one in charge because my friend looks young, and then he proceeded to stroke his hand down her cheek,” she shared.

The women were rightfully uncomfortable, but the men didn’t seem to want to leave, especially the younger of the two.

Photo 113678561 © Anyaberkut – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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