She Told Her Boyfriend She’s Done With Their Relationship Since It’s Clear He’s Only With Her Because He Doesn’t Want To Be Alone

CarlosBarquero - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

I hate when I see people stuck in relationships where they aren’t appreciated or receiving any affection from their partners.

One woman recently had to confront her boyfriend after he refused to show her any affection throughout their relationship.

She had been with her boyfriend for over three years. Throughout that time, she had done her best to tell him how she likes to show love, what she wants from a relationship, and what her love language is.

“I guess he never got the memo,” she said.

“For clarification, how he loved me wasn’t ‘wrong,’ but it didn’t feel right. I had to ask for hugs and kisses, to be held and asked for him to hold a conversation with me. All things I think you should naturally wanna do. Every time I would hug him, he would push me off of him. Every time I kissed him too much, he would tell me that I stressed him out.”

Unfortunately, she wasn’t only having problems with her boyfriend’s physical affection, but how he spoke to her too. Anytime she tried to sit down and talk with him, he’d tell her he had nothing to talk about.

As she gave up on expecting hugs, kisses, or any love-dovey affection, she noticed that his ‘love language’ was bullying her and picking on her, sometimes to the point where she’d cry.

She couldn’t stand the way he treated her anymore and decided to confront him about it. 

“I asked him to tell me why he loves me, and he couldn’t answer; he just got angry that I asked,” she recalled.’

CarlosBarquero – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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